Frequently Asked Questions

Is DSI advertising by a group of specialists in my area?
No, DSI is a nationwide directory with supportive tools and free access for all users.
Are the Referral Forms posted on DSI free?
Yes, all Referral Forms for all listed Specialists are free.
Can users access the DSI directory for free?
Yes, DSI has free access for all users.
What types of Doctors are listed on DSI?
All Dental Specialists Nationwide: e.g., Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, Pathologists, Periodontists, Pediatric Dentists.
Do I need to pay to add a listing on the DSI Posting Board?
No, the DSI Posting Board is free to view and post classified ads related to the dental industry.
Do I need to register to use the DSI site?
NO, anyone may use the DSI site without registering. However, we encourage users to register in order to take advantage of the exclusive offers & coupons available only to registered users.
Is DSI available for the general public (patients)?
Yes, DSI is available for all professionals in the dental industry as well as patients.
Does DSI require Flash or other software add-ons to work on my computer?
No, DSI does not require Flash or other similar programs or software add-ons.
Is DSI on smartphones also?
DSI will launch a smartphone application in the near future.
Is the Specialist notified automatically when I complete the Referral Form?
No, it is up to the referring Doctor to notify the Specialist. You can print the Referral Form to fax, and/or you can email the form directly to the Specialist.
Do I need to design my own practice profile?
Send us the basic information and our professionals will create a profile for you - draft sent to you for final approval.