Submitting Specialist or Company Profile Information

The most convenient way to submit profile information is via our online submission forms. Get started by clicking on Doctor Profile or Company Profile.

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Requirements and Guidelines for Manual Submissions

Members can also compile and submit their profile information manually. Please send the following information to DSI electronically in Microsoft Word or text format [send to] Send only the specific information that you want displayed on the DSIDirectory website.



NOTE: To avoid revision fees, please send all materials at the same time (e.g., text information, referral form, extra content). DSI retains final approval over creative and content of all specialist and company profiles. Profiles must conform to DSI’s format/style, and must meet our content and grammatical standards.

If you prefer to send the above information via mail, there is an additional $50 surcharge. Please mail to:

Dental Specialist Info
17741 Beach Blvd., Suite 350
Huntington Beach, CA 92647